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Lumenis Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal, Crystal Clear Advanced Skin Care & 3D-Lipo Ultimate-Pro Body Contouring.
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Lumenis LightSheer® Desire Laser Hair Removal

More and more Men and Women desire to have permanent hair reduction. They want a treatment that is effective, fast and comfortable.

Ultimate Patient Comfort & Satisfaction
ChillTip™ Technology improves patient comfort by cooling the skin prior to treatment and continuously cooling it throughout the treatment.

LightSheer is generally suitable for all skin tones and for most body areas and types of hair. Lasers are more effective when hair is in the early growth stage. Because hairs will not all be in the same stage at the same time, multiple treatment sessions will usually be needed to achieve permanent* hair reduction. LightSheer clients and treatment providers alike report high levels of satisfaction and long-term effectiveness following the laser hair removal process.

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Introducing the all-new medical-grade 3D-lipo Ultimate-Pro! Manufactured under stringent ISO13485:2016 standards

Following the success of our range of body contouring machines including the 3D Ultimate, one of the fastest selling body contouring machines on the market to date, loved by celebrities and in over 1000 clinics in the UK alone, the 3D-Ultimatepro has been designed using the knowledge gained from our previous success by professionals to create the complete choice for treating fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

Cavitation and Cryofreeze= Fat Reduction

RF= Skin Tightening & Lifting

Shockwave= Cellulite & Lymph drainage

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound= Fat reduction


Fast becoming our most talked about skin treatment, COMCIT treats ageing, dehydrated skin with results that are simply staggering and provides an instant, perfect dewy glow for that special occasion, wedding or red carpet event. COMCIT is our most effective skin rejuvenation and rehydration treatment yet, tailored to deliver exactly what your skin needs.
As chemical-intensive treatments such as muscle relaxants and fillers increasingly fall out of favour, some clients are now looking towards non-surgical treatments, or so called ‘Notox’ facials. Heralding this move away from injections and fillers is Crystal Clear COMCIT ™; the new age-defying alternative that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.